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Black Unicorn Chest Harness

Black Unicorn Chest Harness

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This chest harness is the perfect clubwear and party gear accessory!!

With a unique combination of genuine leather and adjustable elastic straps, this chest harness is versatile, fits your body perfectly, and is comfortable to wear. 

Handcrafted in London 🇬🇧


Genuine leather, Stainless Steel, Elastic oak tendons.

Care Instructions

Leather Care:
Clean the leather using a leather cleaner only.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or water on the leather, as it can dry it out and cause cracking.

The straps are detachable and machine washable using cold wash, gentle or delicate cycle.

Hang dry the straps to prevent any shrinkage or warping.

Optional: You can placing them in a delicates bag for added protection during washing.

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